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Consultancy Services

PJE Computing can offer a variety of consultancy services ranging from simple server builds to more complicated infrastructure projects including amongst others migration projects, network design and topology projects, Active Directory and Exchange server rollouts, as well as Security and Disaster Recovery.

We can offer different types of service contracts to assist you with your IT needs from long-term maintenance contracts to period based project contracts.

Design and Architecture:

Careful consideration needs to be given to the design and architecture of any system or software solution, whether the implementation concerns a single server solution or a complicated distributed clustered solution. PJE Computing can help you plan and implement the right design and architecture for your business requirements taking into account:



PJE Computing has experience in a number of system implementations and rollouts including NT4 Domain, Active Directory, Exchange Server Implementation, Netware Rollout, Citrix Implementation, SQL Server Builds as well as installation of all Windows based Server technologies.
We can help you build individual servers or commission entire infrastructures, providing full documentation for sign off and handover after system testing at the end of the project.


Not every implementation starts on a blank canvas, very often data or system migrations are involved such as migrating from earlier versions of operating systems, upgrading the email system, migrating to a new network structure, or upgrading to Active Directory for the domain structure and management. PJE Computing has experience in the following migration tasks:

Networking & Internet:

Your network infrastructure is the backbone to many of your systems and business processes. Any oversight in the design of the network structure or the configuration of network services or hardware can lead to network traffic problems and performance difficulties of server/client applications. PJE Computing Ltd can help you design and implement as well as optimise your network to your requirements and provide you with permanent Internet connection if needed.

Remote Access:

Internet connectivity and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have made remote access to company networks possible. If you require remote access to your business network we can assist you in setting up a secure and reliable connection via the Internet using a VPN infrastructure. This remote access can also be used to enable remote support functions of your IT infrastructure, allowing us to dial into your network remotely and fix problems from a remote location.


Security considerations are a very important aspect of any IT infrastructure whether it concerns a home system or a complete business infrastructure. External and internal security threats need to be taken into account and addressed according to the level of disruption any downtime or loss of data might cause. PJE Computing can help you put in place a number of measures that will minimise security risks and keep downtime to a minimum.

Disaster Recovery:

Although having in place a solid backup and recovery plan is an important part of business continuity, many companies neglect to take the required steps. PJE Computing can help you to develop a disaster recovery plan either for individual systems or complete sites, making sure that in the case of a hardware failure or even a natural disaster the impact is limited to the minimum of data loss and downtime. We will assist you in the recovery of any data and the rebuilding of your infrastructure such as recovering the Active Directory, Exchange Servers, any Windows Servers and other MS server systems and technologies.

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