PJE Computing Ltd

Technical Support

We offer a wide range of services and support functionality for server, desktop and peripheral equipment including system diagnostics & troubleshooting, repairs, system upgrades as well as implementation of new equipment.

System Troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting system or hardware problems can be tedious and difficult. Interdependencies between different components as well as any mismatch between the operating system setup and device dependent software can very often be at the root of these problems.

System Repairs:

PJE Computing Ltd provides repair and maintenance services on desktop computers, workstations, servers, network devices, printers, monitors, and peripherals from all leading manufacturers. If you have equipment that requires attention, we can provide you with a diagnosis of the problem and an estimate of repair costs.

Computer Tutoring:

Should you or your staff feel slightly overwhelmed with the world of computing and would like to take the first step in becoming more familiar with your PC and Desktop equipment than we can help you by providing basic and advanced IT training in the use of PC and desktop equipment and operating systems.

System Upgrades:

Upgrading certain equipment can very often be a viable alternative to complete replacement. In some cases a simple upgrade of certain hardware components can help you make better use of your overall IT infrastructure without the huge investment of complete replacement. Identification and remedy of bottlenecks very often improves the overall performance of your IT processes.

Data Recovery & Transfer:

We can provide the following data recovery and transfer services: Imaging of data and hard drives, Migration of data between computers or different systems as well as Data Recovery of lost information due to software or hardware failure.


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