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Networking & Internet

Networks are the backbone of many systems, services and processes and have not only become indispensable in any business environment, but are also proving beneficial in every day home use. Planning, designing and installing networks that will suffice the task at hand and will also meet future expansion and scalability can prove to be a difficult task, but PJE Computing Ltd can help you in choosing the right network design and implement network and internet access options for you.

Network Installation & Upgrades:

PJE Computing can help you design, plan and install a variety of different network solutions that will meet your individual and / or business requirements. We can deliver customised network solutions ranging from:

all based on leading manufacturer's technology.

Network Expansion:

With the growth of your business your network requirements might change. In many cases however a complete redesign of your underlying network structure might not be necessary, especially if future scalability has been kept in mind from the beginning. We can help assess your current network structure and make recommendations regarding possible network expansions to allow for new networking needs.

Network Maintenance and Support:

Network problems can sometimes occur due to damaged wiring or faulty equipment. We can help track down network problems and redo faulty or damaged wiring as well as reprogram or replace damaged network components such as switches and routers.

Internet & Intranet:

Internet Access:
PJE Computing can provide a suitable Internet access solution for you and your business either by using broadband technology or via a simple telephone Dial-Up connection. Combined with an adequate network solution, Internet access can also be shared between multiple computers.

Internet and Intranet Sites:
PJE Computing can provide you with the hardware and software backbone for your internet or intranet requirements helping you on your way to a successful Internet presence or intranet publication using IIS server technology.


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