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IT Security

It is important to make sure your systems are running safely and are protected from any external or internal security threats, which might otherwise cause considerable disruption to your business processes or can even compromise confidential data and information. There are a number of measures and steps that can be taken to minimise risk and deter unauthorised access to your systems. These include:

OS and Network Security:

There are many ways how PJE Computing can help improve security at Operating System and Network level such as:

Firewall Installation:

There are different types of firewalls that can be implemented to protect your computer systems. Some of these are hardware others software based. In some cases a combination of both can ensure the required level of security from the Internet. PJE Computing Ltd can provide you with affordable and suitable firewall security measures according to your private or business needs that will ensure the integrity and privacy of your systems and data.

Virus Removal and Protection:

With an ever increasing number of viruses being circulated, the installation of an adequate virus protection software combined with scheduled system scans and regular updates are vital. We can help you with the installation of suitable Anti Virus software and the implementation of a regular maintenance routine for scans and updates.

Spyware removal:

Spyware are pieces of software that infiltrate your system without your knowledge and can then pass important information such as passwords on to the originator of the software. PJE Computing can help you with the implementation of an Anti Spyware package that will search your system for any suspicious software snippets and will prevent any unauthorised access to files and information.

Data Encryption:

Whilst all information and data stored on your computer systems is important, there are very often some pieces of information that are extremely sensitive such as customer data or payroll information. For such sensitive information it might be necessary to put in place additional security in form of data encryption to restrict the readability of data in case of unintended or unauthorised access. PJE Computing can put in place different types of data encryption for files and data directories.

Data Backup:

Regularly scheduled backups of systems and data is considered good practice and will help protect you from, or at least minimise, any loss of data that might occur due to power failures, system crashes, viruses, data degradation, theft or acts of nature such as fire. We can help you in the selection and implementation of an adequate backup solution that will meet your requirements and reduce data loss to a minimum considering both local and off site backup solutions.


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